About Totem

Totem is a nonprofit organization offering online video support.

We believe that our Spaces can lead to a more thoughtful and caring world.

Our Values
Our Values

What is Totem?

We are a community that believes in improving mental wellness through Totem Spaces, a place for communication and self-exploration through storytelling. We think the best support comes from people who know how to speak your language. Totem is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

"Totem" is also the name for the metaphorical talking stick that is passed around in our Spaces.

What are Spaces?

Totem Spaces are virtual gatherings of 3 to 8 individuals. Picture them as Totem's version of support groups tailored for the digital age.

In Spaces, everyone gets the chance to share their stories without interruption, responding to prompts facilitated by a Keeper—our term for the moderator.

Why Spaces?

By sharing our experiences, we learn not only from ourselves but also from each other. These shifts in perspective can help us overcome the obstacles that life inevitably presents.

Our Values

We have been natural storytellers for thousands of years. Through storytelling, we unlock unique perspectives that would otherwise be hidden from us. Our revelations lead us to advance our understanding of the world.

We acknowledge when our opinions don’t ring true for everyone. This opens us to learning through the lens of others. We hope this awareness gets us closer to a world where everybody is treated with respect.

We love listening to experts in their field. Everyone is an expert in themselves. When we speak from our experiences, we reveal truths that no one else can. You have so much to share, and we want to listen.

We know being seen, heard, and understood is a profoundly healing experience. Just as some traumas are caused by negative interactions with people, positive interactions can help us move past the pain we’ve felt in our journeys.


Thanks to funding from the Lopker Family Foundation and contributions from people who believe in our services, Totem can continue providing Spaces to those who need it.

Totem is a 501(c)(3) non-profit

All of our resources go to directly into growing and maintaining Totem, from building our website, to community outreach, to compensating our Keepers.

Totem is committed to transparency and will share details of our annual reports, strategic roadmaps, and financials.

Safe and confidential

Totem prioritizes the security and confidentiality of all of our members. We will not, under any circumstances, sell or share your information with third parties. Your data is treated with the highest level of respect and protection.

For a comprehensive understanding of how we handle your information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Bo Lopker - Totem Founder

Meet Bo, Totem's Founder

Hello! I'm Bo. I've spent most of my life in sunny California. Life was pretty good. Then my dad died of prostate cancer. It's hard to describe how subtly that loss grew in my life.

So, I sought a therapist. Simply being able to talk to someone attentive about what I was going through got me past barriers that I would not have by myself.

Still, I found it difficult to connect with my therapist as they had not been through the same situation. Then I founded Totem. It has showed me there are other ways to heal. Unfortunately, there are not many resources or tools for people to authentically connect. Without that, we're limited in the ways we can heal ourselves and each other.

I created Totem to change that.