How it Works

A few helpful definitions and a step-by-step guide to help you navigate Circles

See Circles
See Circles

Key Terms

What are Circles?

Circles are structured online support groups. In Circles, individuals facing similar challenges or experiences gather virtually to share stories. They offer empathy, and support through a safe and confidential digital environment.

Circles have up to 8 participants and last about an hour.

What is a Keeper?

Keepers serve as moderators in Circles. They facilitate discussions and ensure a safe environment.

While not therapists, they provide leadership by asking prompts, encouraging participation, and answering prompts themselves.

They also provide a talking order for the Circle.  

What is a Totem?

In Circles that meet online, a Totem is a symbolic object given to participants when it's their turn to speak.

They "hold" it while sharing and "pass" it to the next person when finished, ensuring respectful and orderly communication within the group.

Community Guidelines
Community Guidelines

How it starts

The Keeper starts with an opening ceremony to bring everybody's attention into the present moment. The opening ceremony can be something like a stretch, breathing exercise, or guided meditation.

Your turn

The Keeper, holding the totem, initiates by asking the first prompt. After sharing their own experience, they pass the totem to the next person.

When holding the totem, it's your turn to share; there's no interruption from others. When you're finished or choose not to share, you pass the totem onto the next person.

How it ends

The Keeper ends each Circle with a closing ceremony, like a quote, poem, or excerpt from a book, before releasing everybody back to their own lives.