Guided introspection for the modern world

Totem is a community-driven approach to self-discovery and growth. It's our modern take on the practice of Circle, to address our collective need for support, community, and empathy.

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A Safe Place

Our Keepers, or moderators, guide you through the Circle.

Keepers create safe spaces where you are free to speak your truth without interruption, from the comfort of your own home.

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I appreciate having a space to express myself and not feel the need to validate or respond to others.

It was the best experience.

I'm so glad I came, this is exactly what I've been needing.

This is definitely a safe and welcoming environment.

My expectations were exceeded 10000%.

YES!!! I love the safe space that was, created.


Ancient Technology

For centuries, our ancestors have been sitting in circle. They used a talking piece, a totem, to grant each person a time to speak. Through circle, they’ve built complex societies based on peace and understanding. A select few have been keeping this practice alive.

How it works

Who is Totem?

We are a community of people who want to share our stories, and to hear yours. Circles are moderated by Keepers: people who specialize in safe communication. You are free to speak your truth without interruption.

Meet the team


You’ll start by listening. The person with the Totem is the speaker. Once the speaker is done, they will pass the Totem to the next person in the circle.


You can respond to the prompt, share a story, or react to a share. It's always OK to not say anything at all. Say "Now I pass" and the Totem passes to the next person.


Totem is a confidential space for us to share and grow. A discussion facilitator, known as the Keeper, will help guide the conversation and keep us on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be anonymous?

Yes! We don't mind if you don't use your real name. We will require enough information for moderation, like your email, but to other people in your Circles (including Keepers) you can be whoever you want to be. However, we do require you share authentic stories.

What about privacy?

We have zero tolerance about discussing what happens in Totem to the outside. Anyone doing this will be permanently removed. Additionally, we built Totem on top of HIPAA-compliant services, the same software that therapists and doctors use to do online sessions. Your communications are encrypted. The only people who can hear your shares are the people in your Circle.

Is this a replacement for therapy?

No. While many people prefer Totem Circles to therapy, it is not a replacement for traditional one-on-one therapy. However, Totem does make a great supplement if you already have ongoing therapy sessions and can help create a deeper understanding with your work there.

Are Keepers therapists?

Generally, no. Keepers are different from therapists in that they are only present to keep the Circle running smoothly and safely for everyone. Otherwise, Keepers are there to be involved with the discussion like everyone else and not to offer advice or guidance. There is no hierarchy in a Circle.

How much does Totem cost?

It depends on the Circle, some are free, some aren't. Our mission is to make Totem Circles accessible to as many people as possible. In the future we'll add the ability to donate directly to your Keeper if you'd like to support them.