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We’ve come a long way

Every day, we gain more acceptance from society, yet many of us still struggle in our daily lives because of harm done in our past.

Internalized homophobia, discrimination, lack of support, shame, etc. all greatly impact how we interact with the world and ourselves. These outside forces are constantly telling us that we should not be accepted.

We are strong enough to carry each other

Through the help of others like us, we can work to get past issues that hold us back from our potential, and living a fuller, healthier life.

Together we can get to the essence of who we are, why we are here, and how we can better thrive.

LGBTQIA+ Circles uses the hour-long Circles format to address obstacles that may be holding us back from thriving.

How Circles Work
How Circles Work

Topics discussed in LGBTQIA+ Circles


Coming Out

Body Dysmorphia

Practicing being Non-judgmental

Sex for Validation




Facade of perfection

Gender Roles

Meet the LGBTQIA+ Circle Keeper

Gabe is a User Researcher and musician based in Los Angeles. Growing up as a queer person, acceptance, and community was something Gabe knew he needed but struggled to navigate. He's always yearned for a strong sense of self in this world we live in. For LGBTQIA+ folks like himself, Gabe wanted to discover what it was that his presence that others found so troublesome.

Participating in Totem’s Circles has made a great impact on my day-to-day life. Hearing my thoughts and feelings that are shared by others in the community has made me feel less alone.

Mario M.

I appreciate having a space to express myself and not feel the need to validate or respond to others.

Chelsea R.

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