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The best support comes from people who know how to speak your language.

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Being an artist is hard

...and nobody wants to talk about it.

Honing one’s craft is only one side of the creative’s proverbial coin. The other involves managing our mental well-being, which can sometimes prove volatile. Thanks again, feelings.

We think differently, and that’s okay

Accountability Circles for Creatives are spaces where like-minded individuals can share their vulnerabilities without judgment and receive the support needed to overcome obstacles.

An emphasis on community and shared experiences reminds us that we don’t have to go through this journey alone.

Accountability Circles for Creatives uses the hour-long Circles format to address obstacles that hold us back from meeting our creative potential.

How Circles Work
How Circles Work

Topics discussed in Accountability Circles for Creatives


Creative Blocks

Destructive Tendencies

Fundamental Self-Doubt


Freeing the Imagination



Imposter Syndrome

Fear of Success/Failure

Meet the Circles for Creatives Keeper

Vanessa is a Los Angeles based musician, writer, and performer. Her dedication to making art for art's sake has led her to sharing the stage with bands like AFI, making indie films on zero budget, and most recently, the rewarding job of Totem's Creatives Keeper.

Vanessa understands that the creative process can be a struggle. Navigating complex feelings is a daunting endeavor, especially when unpacking these feelings alone. She hosts Circles to provide a community in which creatives can learn more about themselves by sharing with each other.

Here in circles you get prompts that force you to look outside the box or help you ponder on things you wouldn't normally think about in regular therapy. Also, I've never had a therapist before start off a session with meditation and I do love meditation, so it's refreshing to have that. Vanessa guides us through the meditation and her voice is very comforting, she gives us a little intro to what the theme of the session will be for the day and begins the circle. I also love how Vanessa shares her own stories and interpretations of what the prompts are for that session. It gives me a look into her life a little more and gives me the courage to be honest and open about my life and experiences.

Michelle H.

Circles has been a welcome ritual every week. It provides me the opportunity to work out various avenues of thought I normally wouldn’t on my own. Talking out the prompts each week & sharing my thoughts in a safe judgement free, pressure free environment is a real bonding experience between me and my group. There’s usually laughter, sometimes tears and always a deep connection. I always feel better after each session!

Char K.

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